More than Nursing - Much More!

Friday, July 24, 2015

This week has been one of those weeks where we demonstrate the old myth that Franklin United Methodist Community is just a "nursing home", is truly outdated, and should be gone forever.

We held our annual Country Fair where hundreds of residents and volunteers enjoyed corn dogs, cotton candy, carnival games, ice cream, root beer floats, and exotic animals provided by the "Silly Safari" group.  When was the last time you saw or got to pet a large owl, a couple of snakes, a lizard, or even a skunk?  That's what our folks did on campus.

Another day, residents and staff learned more about the world and our country's problem of Human Trafficking and modern day slavery, through a presentation by an Indiana organization called "Purchased".   A hard subject to hear and think about - but a reality and our people want to stay informed and do something about injustices in our community, our country, and the world.  FUMC is partnering with Purchased for a "United for One" fun run and walk on October 17, 2015 at 11:00 a.m.  Our campus will take on the atmosphere of a "street fair" and have fun things to do, along with helping to raise awareness for this problem that continues to grow in today's society.  Please join us!

The next day, we enjoyed a reception for two or our cottage home residents, Jess Shively and Betty Blakely, who have volunteered at the Johnson Memorial Health for over 18 years!  They were honored by Indiana's Lieutenant Governor as recipients of the Golden Hoosier Award, the highest honor the State of Indiana gives to seniors for their service to the Community.

We capped off the week with having an old fashion "Corn Roast" where we grilled out 500 ears of corn and had a social to eat and visit with others on our campus where more than 550 call home.

Sound like a "nursing home"?  I don't think so!  Come visit and see for yourself!!

Exceptional - a word to describe

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

We work hard at the Franklin United Methodist Community in "communicating".  It is my belief as the CEO that we can always do a better job.  If I evaluate a staff member on communication, I'd give them at most a 9 out of 10 - because we all have room to improve, myself included.

So when I see words that are strong and defining, such as "exceptional", I appreciate the picture they paint and the service they portray.

For instance, a thank you note we received today reads as follows:

To the Franklin United Methodist Community,

Your lovely gift of flowers for my mother's memorial service was very much appreciated.  FUMC itself was a wonderful gift to my parents during their last 15 years of life.  Your care and thoughtfulness has always been exceptional.


Tim, Laura, David, and Beth

Tis the Season!

Friday, December 19, 2014

What a great time of year as we celebrate the birth of Jesus!  The Community is full of anticipation as residents, families, and our staff are a buzz with hope, joy, and excitement.

It's the time of many Christmas parties, receptions, music events, holiday lighting excursions, gift exchanges, carolers in our hallways and more.

As I write these words, several of our staff are lined up outside my office door.  No, not to see me or because they are in trouble, but to visit the Mutual Bank branch located next to my office.

You see, in the last few hours our residents have presented each of our employees a Christmas Gift - a significant check to thank them for all they do during the year and wish them a "very Merry Christmas!"  These residents whom we love have turned the tables and showed us their love!!

Since September, they have been raising funds quietly and have now presented all of our hourly employees with a nice Christmas gift.  Can you imagine handwriting over 400 checks and stuffing them in envelopes? 

I'm sure that this weekend many of these employees will be buying gifts for their kids, stocking up on groceries for a Christmas feast, and even sharing some of their cashed check with the red kettles outside the doors when they hear the bell ring.

God is so good and we are blessed at this time of year to share with you our joy, and thanksgiving for being a part of this wonderful Community of friends and neighbors.  Merry Christmas!

Activities Make the Difference!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The picture below is a former medicine cart that has now been transformed into a special purpose
activities cart.  Filled to the brim with craft items and other things to be used by our Activities professionals, this cart is just one of three that goes throughout our facility to engage residents.

Activities can make all the difference in keeping folks involved, stimulated, and to their highest practical level of physical and mental health. It's just one of the ways that we live out our mission to "give folks the very best day of their lives-today!"  Even if it is only for an afternoon or morning, a lunch time or a 30 minute activity, or perhaps just a ten minute stroll around the rose garden, let's make it a great day!

We are proud of the caring and creative members of our Activities Department, which now numbers seven staff members who work day, evening, and weekend shifts.

FUMC Reaches Out

Monday, July 7, 2014


What does that mean?  Recently, five local teenagers left for a sunny day of fun in the sun and near the water, as they travelled a few miles away to the Blue River in Edinburg.  Their day of being around the water ended tragically, as one young lady was swept over a dam in the rain swollen river and the hero boys attempted to save her.  At the end of the week following, she remained critically injured and two young men were lost.  Many of our young staff members and FUMC family were touched by the losses through connections at school, work, church, or just as community neighbors. 

FUMC held a special Prayer Service for these five young people and their families.  Staff have worn blue ribbons for weeks, remembering the tragedy.  And the picture below shows the five cards, one for each family that were filled with handwritten notes by our many FUMC staff, often sprinkled with tears.

Men's Breakfast-Man Style!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Today we celebrated the upcoming Father's Day with a special breakfast for all the men of our Community.  Many of these fathers who joined us and others who were celebrating their own dads, came from our independent cottage homes, apartments, health center, special care dementia areas, and even those here for just a short term "Rehab to Home".

The men enjoyed a great breakfast and as our host stated, it was a "heart attack" breakfast with bacon and sausage and gravy and more.  Our own Medical Director, Dr. Mike Welsh, was not only in attendance but serving coffee and juice to our guests.  We asked him to "just turn a blind eye" to our menu! 

So what finishes off a great breakfast with good fellowship and fabulous music entertainment that came all the way from New York to perform?  Why Cherry Pie of course!  Now that's a man's breakfast.  But my only question was - where's the ice cream!!

We salute all the dads of our Community and remember the legacy of those who have gone before us.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Rehabilitation Therapy can be some pain!  But, perhaps you've heard "no pain - no gain!" 

Recently I reviewed the surveys taken by many of our Rehab patients following the completion of their treatment and their return back home.  In every category of the survey, former Rehab guests (patients) ranked FUMC Rehab in the "EXCELLENT" category.

A few of the comments were:

                              I thoroughly enjoyed each visit/ tough but good!'

                I feel as if we became family through my experience here in therapy.

                             Therapists showed concern and compassion.

I highly recommend this facility to everyone!  My knee surgery went very well due to the              
           program here at FUMC.  I do truly hate to leave!  If I ever needed therapy again,
                                             I would certainly come back!!!

If you or a loved one reside in Central Indiana and you need a place for outstanding rehabilitation services (Medicare certified), whether planned for a surgery or due to an emergency, we hope you will consider allowing us the privilege of serving you.  We are open to all persons, regardless of their church affiliation, and would be happy to help you return to your former well-being and lifestyle.